PortoVent CPAPos

Emergent Respiratory Products


One of the most difficult patient management decisions facing paramedics in the field is whether or not to intubate your struggling respiratory patient.  We all know the statistics on ventilator induced pneumonia and the sometimes long and difficult ordeal in weaning a dependent patient off of a ventilator.

CPAP in the field can sometimes obviate the need for intubation or perhaps buy the patient a few more minutes to allow medications to begin to reverse their bronchospasm.

Wise County EMS has recently added the PortoVent CPAPos to all of our ambulances in order to more effectively manage those chronic respiratory patients.

The device is compact, yet very rugged and with only one settings knob it is extremely reliable and easy to use.

In the months since we have implemented CPAP, we have had great success. Our respiratory patients improve rapidly once placed on the device and we have managed to stave off intubation in several of our most chronic patients.