Functional Access Needs

If you or someone close to you has a disability or other access or functional need, you may need to take additional steps to prepare yourself and your family. Including creating a Family Emergency Plan and Kit that addresses the specific health and safety needs for you and your family. Your Family Emergency Plan, should address for any specific medical support, transportation, and/or communication needs for you and your family. In your emergency kit, consider adding those specific items that both you and your family will need in order to maintain health, safety and independence.  Having a Care Notebook that is easily accessible to first responders is important.  If your family has an emergency, the notebook can help first responders know important medical information, such as whether they have a feeding tube, communication device, or other equipment. Remember to include in your care notebook what to do in an emergency.

Notify first responders with important information by filling out a Wise County Premise Information Form.  This form is intended for current Wise County TX residents to provide specific information regarding your property, and anything you would like first responders to know when responding to your residence, to keep on file with your respective dispatch center (Wise County Sherriff's Office Communications, Bridgeport Communications, or Decatur Communications) . If applicable, information about your special needs will be placed on file and will enable emergency personnel to recognize that your call may require special handling. Please update this as information changes .