I plead not guilty, now what?

The court will notify you of your pre-trial date. On the day of pre-trial, you will come in to discuss your circumstances with the Assistant County Attorney. The docket call for all defendants will be on a first come, first served basis. You may request an excuse letter from the court for work or school. If after meeting with the Assistant County Attorney you choose to continue to trial, you will request a trial by judge or jury and we will notify you of your trial date.

On Trial Day

On trial day, you should arrive with all materials and witnesses necessary to prove your case in court. The number of trials on the docket and the amount of time a jury deliberates is just a couple of the factors in determining how long you will be at the courthouse. The docket can run as late as 5 p.m. You should plan your day accordingly. We will have excuse letters for work and school available upon request. 

Guilty Verdict

In the event that you are found guilty, be prepared to pay your fine and court cost (if found guilty by a jury, your fine amount may be more or less than the original fine). We accept cash and money orders.

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1. I plead not guilty, now what?
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