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1. Is the new system based on a touch screen, like some ATMs?
2. I have never been able to vote without someone helping me. Will someone be there to help me with this new system?
3. How can we sure this system is working as it should be?
4. How do I know that the way the electronic voting system recorded my vote is the same way I intended to cast my vote?
5. Does the system have a paper trail?
6. What if a recount is necessary?
7. How do I know my votes are private and that there is not a database in the computer somewhere that records how I have voted?
8. What if I change my mind or make a mistake after I have pressed the enter button?
9. What if I want to skip a contest?
10. What if I accidentally vote twice in a race? Will my vote be discarded?
11. How do I know that my vote has been cast and counted?
12. If the power fails or if there is some other computer failure will my vote be lost?